News Profiteer Review – Forex Trading News System


Many Forex traders are interested to try trading news releases and reports, yet almost all of them lose money with this strategy. The News Profiteer system’s owner, Henry Liu, claims that Forex news trading is easy to profit from, especially with how easy it is today for anyone to receive breaking news information quickly. In this article, I will discuss more about the News Profiteer system, as well as the nature of news trading today.

1. Why Do Over 90% Of Forex Traders Lose Money?

Despite the fact that there is now much faster ways to receive information across the globe, the percentage of traders who lose money trading Forex is still very high and has remained unchanged. This either shows that traders do not know how to use this information correctly, or that this information is not useful in helping traders make a profit.

2. Why Knowing Forex News Has Caused Many Traders To Lose More Money

The reason is that the average trader usually has no chance to act upon a news release, since the market is able to discount the effect of the news within seconds. Also, some Forex analysts are poor at analyzing what has happened and what impacts the news release will have on the currency pairs. Despite that, they appear very confident and convincing while talking, causing many traders to take their opinions as recommendations to trade.

3. How To Make Money Trading Forex News With News Profiteer?

This system has taught me how to use both price actions and news events to correctly analyze the situation in the Forex markets when news reports are released. You need to first look at the outlook and trend of the currency pair even before the news has been released.

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